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Academic and Technical Writing Service

We proofread essays, research papers, dissertations & technical manuals.

Our team write technical guides and manuals for small and large businesses.

We assist with writing when English is a second Language.

Academic Writing

If you need to improve your academic or technical writing, we can help prepare your work for submission.

Our team of writers can:

  • Correct your spelling, grammar and language errors
  • Improve your word choices
  • Organise and spot discrepancies in your content

We work on the referencing and formatting as well, making sure your edited document is perfect and ready to hand in to your professors.

You get all of these services for a single, all-inclusive fee.

English as a Foreign Language

If you need to write more clearly because English is your second language we can edit your work for you. If you are struggling with elements such:





Or perhaps you just need a basic proofread - tell us about your work today - we have the experience to help.

Technical Authoring

Our experienced Technical authors help to communicate complex technical information and processes in a way that is easy to understand. It is a highly skilled service that we can offer at a very competitive price.

User Guide and Manual Authoring

Our team of consultants write technical guides and manuals across a range of fields. To date, our clients have included small and large businesses, academic institutions, engineers, medical practitioners and scientists.