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Ghost Writing Services

Not everyone is equipped to be a writer, but that does not prevent you from becoming a novelist. 

Most of us have a great story to tell but not the time to write it down.

Writing is a fine art and sometimes it helps to bring in a fresh pair of professional eyes.

We have currently ghost written three books between us and are working on two at present for a commissioned subject. We receive a lot of requests for this service and offer a free consultation meeting before proceeding.

Novels, Non-fiction books and ebooks service

A ghost writer can take on the task of writing your complete book from scratch. Although this sounds complex, the process is relatively simple. The basic idea is to take your story and put it on the page in your 'voice' in a way that is both compelling and readable.

The process

  • We interview you and establish an outline of the book, a map out its basic structure and consider your readership.

  • We interview you again and create a full treatment for the book.

  • Then we will agree a number of interviews to tape and transcribe your thoughts and ideas – this will form the basis of the text.

  • During the interviews, the ghost writer will use skills to draw out the best narrative.

  • Questions will also be structured to uncover the important facts and prompt the memory.

  • We will be able to advise you on what will interest publishers and readers through the process.

  • A first draft of the book will then be written by us and sent to you to make any revisions; and ensure that everything is how you want it to be.

  • Finally, we will write a publishable final draft and prepare it for publication.


  • Non-fiction, books and ebooks - £10 per page
  • Novels and short stories - £15 per page
  • Partial rewriting & language improvement - £7 per page
  • Proofreading - £4 per page
  • Interviews - £35 per hour
  • Publishing Quality Final draft rewrites £15 per page

Please bear in mind that no two ghost writing projects are the same. The topic, its complexity, the amount of research required and the length of the book contribute to the cost.


Further Services

There may be other projects that you would like us to write for you. The best way to get started is to simply email us to review your idea, give advice on an existing text or ask us how we can write something new for you.

Article writing

  1. Web-content or keyword articles - £10 each
  2. Rewriting existing articles - spun articles - £7 each


Blogging service / blogger hire

  1. Blogger hire A: 2 blog posts weekly - £70 month
  2. Blogger hire B: 4 blog posts weekly - £120 month


Promotional writing

  1. Sales copy - £10 per page
  2. Press release writing & distribution - £50 each


Miscellaneous writing services

  1. Hire a dedicated writer (120 hrs) - £1800 per month
  2. Transcription - from £1.50 per minute


Online research - £9.99 per hour

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