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Feedback - narrative - language - character - dialogue - tone - arcs - viewpoint - proofing - editing - checking precision - coherency - argument   

Our specialist team include: 

A Journalist,  a Doctorate of English Literature , a Business consultant and Proof-reader; an English lecturer, a Children's Author and a Comic book Writer.

Between us, we can offer a high academic standard of feedback on your manuscript and  support amendments for publication. With expertise in a range of genres, we have someone who will understand your manuscript and its market. What's more, we are sure you’ll love working with us and gain invaluable insights from our constructive  guidance of your work.

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Simply send your work to us and we will read it in full. We'll tell you in detail what's working - and with honesty - what's not. Then we'll help you fix the stuff that isn't yet right - and unlike most writing services - you will also be able to discuss our feedback directly by email, phone or in person (Northamptonshire and surrounding counties) -  We are confident in our service and offer a quality assurance guarantee. See our editorial guarantee

"Work with us - help yourself  start on the path to publication."