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It is extremely hard to get taken on by a publisher, particularly with poetry. This is because poetry is not in general given much space in bookshops, it is difficult to find poetry sections that go much beyond a bestselling backlist and a few new volumes.

It’s hard therefore to achieve any sales for first collections and the publishers today are realistic about this.

How we can help

We can help you get your collection into the best state you can before you submit it to anyone. Writing poetry is just as solitary an activity as other kinds of writing, although often less productive, in the sense that it often takes longer to get a book-length collection together. 

You may have joined a poetry writing group and been on creative writing courses, but in our view, nothing beats honest professional feedback.

Simply send your work to us today and  receive the invaluable benefit of our professional writers’ critique. One of our writers has a PHD in English Literature, another writes the poetry questions for the Oxford and Cambridge exam board - most importantly - all of us love reading a new client's work.

We know our poetry and we love writing constructive critiques.


The Critique - From only £25   

We will write a report for you and annotate your poetry focusing on aspects such as:

 Form, Tone, Rhyme, Rhythm and Meter, Narrative Construction, Imagery, Poetic Devices Vocabulary and Point Of View.

Our reports are usually around 500 to 1000 words depending on the length of the poem or collection.


Our Poetry guidance checklist:

Before submitting a poem or collection to us or a publisher we suggest reading through our Editor's checklist below. This helps to make our reports even more concise and evaluate where your market lies.

Do you know what is going on in the poetry world you are trying to enter. Find out what people are reading and buying?


Have you tried Readings? Take any opportunity you can to publicise your work. Even if it’s a small reading, it is still a way of beginning to build your audience and get valuable feedback.


Competitions - have you entered as many competitions as you can - they give kudos


Where have you been sending your poems? Magazines - The best way to start getting your name around is by submitting individual poems, perhaps three or four at a time, to poetry magazines. The smaller and less well-known, magazines may be a better place to start.


Have you been sending work to Publishers? Avoid approaching publishers until you have a collection-length amount of material to offer. We know from experience they find this annoying.


Have you considered Self-publishing? This is now very much cheaper than it used to be and the final result is much more satisfactory.


“With help from Northants Writing Service there’s no reason why you can’t publish your poetry and have it listed on Amazon as well."