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Proof Reading and Editing Service

Our proofreader checks a wide range of elements that standard spell and grammar checkers miss.

We charge according to the length of your document and work with the full set of proofreading marks defined by British Standard BS 5261.

The process

Marks are made on the document giving specific details about the change that should be made. The following checks are made by the proof reader:

  1. The document is read through twice out loud and reviewed for sentence flow and overall structure.
  2. The Template style, format and page layout is checked
  3. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are checked
  4.  Homophones, homonyms and omissions that are not picked up by computer spell checks eg. Hour/Our -  There/Their/They
  5. Words, numbers and capitalization
  6. Tables, charts and graphics


If you would like us to go one step further and edit your document we will make further checks and recommendations that include:

  1. Vocabulary suggestions
  2. Style suggestions
  3. Questionable facts queries



Or, if you would prefer us to proofread, edit and rewrite your document we make the following changes:

  1. Improve vocabulary.
  2. Improve style.
  3. Rewrite sentences and paragraphs to improve flow.
  4. Use specialized knowledge to clarify and improve text.

"This service is great for avoiding duplicate content issues, creating new product descriptions, writing technical manuals, speeches and presentations."