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Quality Assurance Guarantee

If you entrust us with your manuscript and invite us to help you with the editing work, then we promise:

To give you an in-depth report of a set number of words agreed in advance.

To use our experts who have either (a) written and published novels / non-fiction articles (b) have a high level of experience and academic knowledge.

To consider the market for your work as well as artistic content.

To be polite, honest, constructive and helpful.

We will not market your work for you – that is another specialism, but we can advise.

To respond promptly and fairly in case of problems

To respect copyright. We won't copy or plagiarise your work. All copyrights remain reserved to you, nor will we show a client’s work in any means without prior consent. We keep all your documents on file for three years to avoid any misrepresentation of your work.