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Need help writing your novel? Our writing consultants guide amateur and professional authors to publication. Get a free consultation today.

Problems with Plot Arcs? Characters seem flat?  Can’t seem to mould that great idea into a complete story? Maybe your book is almost finished but it's just not quite right.

Whether an amateur writer or professional, getting help with your fiction isn't admitting defeat. 

On the contrary, it's a smart idea. Most best-selling authors use help from a consultant. But how do you figure out what kind of help you need?


Here's a few things to consider and look for.

First of all......what Publishers, Broadcasters and Producers want.....
What we look for

We look for the best new writers and best writers new to the BBC with the potential to be developed and produced for BBC broadcast. We look for what the script tells us about the writer. We see all scripts as a calling card of a writer’s talent, ability, and voice.

We primarily look for what a writer can deliver in script form rather than unscripted ideas. We also consider whether scripts have real potential to be developed further towards production. If we believe a script is worth further development by a BBC department, we will send it to them with the writer's knowledge. Original scripts written on spec' are produced extremely rarely, and writers should not send them in with the expectation that they will be produced. However, original spec' scripts are the means by which writers get noticed, so you should always write your script with the same level of commitment as if it were for production in order that it is as strong and impressive as possible.

We want to see the best possible draft you can achieve. We are not looking for early/first/rough drafts of scripts. Only submit to the Script Room when your script is ready, even if it means waiting for a later Script Room window for submissions.

We look for original voices - and original scripts that express those voices. We do not look for more of the same – we look for something new


PENGUIN Publishing Guidelines

We do not accept unsolicited full manuscripts. We do accept unsolicited proposals, in printed or in electronic form, not handwritten. Ideally, proposals should not exceed 25 pages. 

Please include the following information in your proposal:

Description of the Book. Include background information on the subject, details on the particular approach you intend to take toward the subject, approximate estimated length of the book (in words), and anticipated special features such as photos, illustrations, sidebars, tables, charts, checklists or other elements. Let us know how much time you will require to complete a full manuscript.

Market Overview. Describe who will buy this book and why. Try to quantify the size of the market and the extent to which it is growing. Include any available demographic information on your target reader. Keep in mind that it is a rare book indeed whose audience is "every American."

Competition for Your Book. List other available books that the reader for your book might purchase as an alternative. Describe how your book will offer the more appealing alternative. Do not include competitive books that are widely different in scope or format from your proposed book.

Your Author Credentials. Provide a brief bio or CV, including education or experience in the subject, writing experience, and previous publications. Let us know of your availability and/or willingness to participate in promotion and publicity efforts, and any special media contacts or promotion opportunities you bring to the project. Be sure to include your contact information.

Outline of Content. At a minimum, include chapter titles and a brief description of each chapter. Include major subheads if you have them. Make sure the subheads are clearly descriptive of the content, and not merely clever.

Sample Material. Include a sample chapter or chapter segment from the proposed book. The sample should be at least five pages long, but no more than 20 pages. If you will be supplying photos or illustrations with your manuscript, include a sample of such. If you do not have any sample material available for the proposed book, include another sample of your writing that has not been heavily edited by a publisher.

How we guide and

support you...

Initial idea to publication Package

Stage 1: £70

Audience, Premise and Proposal

You write:

  •  100 words on your intended readership, audience and market
  •  1000 words describing your characters
  • 1500 words outlining your story arcs and plot lines
  •  The first ten pages of your story
We will write a 1500-2000 page report giving feedback on narrative structure, depth of character, writing style, tone and point of view. We will make suggestions on how then to approach the treatment stage.

Stage 2 £80

Writing the treatment

You write:

  •  A 3000 word treatment  outlining  your story (preferably in 5 acts)
  •  The first twenty pages of your novel, script or play
  •  A 1500 word description of characters' individual plot lines
  •  How your characters will change and evolve.
The main focus of this feedback will be narrative - the bolts that your work rests on - From your treatment we can tell you if there are glitches in your large and small scale scene structures, analyse character goals and motivation, depth of characters and style. The treatment is the most useful tool a writer has - it provides the blueprint for the  story and it's what publishers are keen to see most. We will work hard with you to get this right.

Stage 3: 

Act Development

Our costs vary depending on  the size and complexity of your project. Also, the level of academic feedback you require. As a general guide we work at around £7 per page read.

Now that your plot and character arcs are in place, you've experimented and received feedback on style and are confident you have structured individual scenes -  it's time to write the first Act

We will continue to support you through this, giving guidance and feedback as you go.

We then recommend a review thereafter every 30 to 50 pages depending on your budget and confidence at any given stage.

'Whatever stage you are at with your book - tell us all about it - we'll give you the best advise straight away.'